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Dear Lindy PhotoLindy is a dear friend of TLH. She is a sage and wise lady, and dancers often approach her to ask for advice, so she’s decided to start posting letters and her replies here for everyone to see and share.

As an avid dancer, Lindy can both lead and follow, giving her special insight into either role. She’s a sweet old dear and cares for all dancers – so she always tries to see both sides of a problem when offering advice. But don’t let her sweetness fool you! She’s sharp as a tack and she won’t be taking any nonsense either – she’ll let you know what’s on her mind if she thinks you’ve gone astray.

Have your own question or quandary that you’d like to ask Lindy about? Email her at:


Speedy Gone-Sweaty

Dear Lindy - Letter 3

Dear Lindy - Answer3