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Lindy Hop Workshop weekend in Toronto

Lindyworks Teachers and Education Committee

Blog Post by Stephanie Taylor

We on the Education Committee love working on our Lindy Hop and Jazz dance! We love challenging our dancing and garnering inspiration from others. Those two elements, challenge and inspiration, are what we try to bring to Toronto with each workshop we run. This year’s Lindyworks was truly a mix of both elements, along with lots of fun, joy, and hard work!

We tried a few new ideas at Lindyworks this year. There were three levels of Lindy Hop classes with open level Jazz and ‘Techniquey’ classes. With the varied classes every dancer was working hard on different aspects of their dancing, and we saw many “A-ha!” moments throughout the weekend.

Lindy Hop Workshop Weekend


This year is the first year we brought in two sets of instructors from North America. Evita, Michael, Sylwia, and Alain inspired us in so many ways: with inspiring performances, with rich classes, with deep insights into the dance, with their love of dance, and with their all around awesomeness. Not only are they all great teachers, but they are all great super-friendly people. Each couple shared their different, but complementary, styles. The Saturday night demo and performance were not only highlights of the weekend, but also concrete illustrations of the breadth of Lindy Hop showmanship today. We were truly lucky to have such fabulous instructors all to ourselves for a weekend!

And thanks to all of you, this is also the first year we’ve sold out! We hope everyone was challenged and inspired.

Lindy Hop Workshop Weekend in Toronto

Thank you again to everyone who had a hand in making Lindyworks 2014 a success! We’ve begun working on next year’s Lindyworks, so stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for updates over the next few months.

Lindy Hop Workshop Weekend Toronto


In the meanwhile, the class recaps are online on our Youtube channel, so you can keep working on  Lindyworks 2014 material until Lindyworks 2015!

In the meanwhile, stay tuned for registration opening for Toronto Lindy Hop’s Homegrown workshops and Cabaret! Friday November 21st is a night of Cabaret performances by people in our community, followed by Saturday daytime workshops with homegrown instructors. It’s sure to be an event to remember!

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Stephanie Taylor-TLH Education Chair