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Every year in July Toronto hosts a free Jazz festival in the Beaches (east end of Toronto) called the “Beaches International Jazz Festival” and it’s 2 weeks of amazing music for anyone to enjoy. The festival is very popular but the highlight (at least in my mind) is the streetfest that is held at the end of the festival.

For one full weekend the city shuts down a major street in the Beaches and upwards of 50 Canadian bands entertain along a 2 km stretch playing everything from Swing, Dixieland, Funk, Soul and even some R&B for your listening pleasure. Now for the past few years myself and a small group of dedicated dancers have went to this event to dance to all the free music and we have always enjoyed ourselves.

This year Toronto Lindy Hop arranged a get-together to encourage more dancers to come out and dance to live music, and boy did they come out. We ended up by the end of the night with around 15 dancers, all dancing from band to band till our feet hurt and everyone had a really good time.

Now thanks to some keen eyes on the internet I have been able to put-together a few videos of us dancing at the streetfest for you to enjoy and maybe even get you excited enough to join us next year 🙂


 Not the greatest pics (thanks phone) but here are a couple of pictures of the beginning of the evening


Clip # 1-Metro Band

Clip # 2-Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band

Clip # 3-Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band


Thank you to everyone that joined me (Liz) and TLH for such a fun evening, I had a blast playing host and we will 100% do this again next year!