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Hello Swing dancers from all over the world, as you know Frankie Manning 99 is almost here but before you know it will be “Frankie 100” and I think (as well as many other dancers out there) that Frankie Manning needs a “Google Doodle” for May 26th…his Birthday.

Why does Frankie need a Google Doodle?

To spread the word of Lindy Hop is why.

Frankie was all about sharing his love of the dance with the world and what a better way to tell the world about him and the dance then thru a media that millions of people say on a daily basis. It would also be an amazing way to show the world how much the Lindy Hop community is thankful for everything that Frankie did for us because it will take the community to make Google sit up and notice.

So here is what you need to do:

Visit: and email the Google people with “Why” you think Frankie should get the doodle and “When”-May 26th.

Don’t wait, do it today it only takes a few minutes.

Meanwhile enjoy this Frankie Manning Tribute Video created for “Frankie 95”