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Drum roll please………..WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE!!

Toronto Lindy Hop



The new website has a sleeker, more modern design and has been updated to reflect Toronto Lindy Hop’s wide range of programs and events, with each of TLH’s 10 programs and events now having it’s own dedicated page. We’ve also improved the structure and layout of information, specifically with new dancers in mind, to help users of the site more easily find what they are looking for.

One of the key new features that we hope will be of great benefit to new dancers is the redesigned schools directory, which now features a map with each school’s location. We hope that this will help dancers new to the community find the school that is most conveniently located for their needs and help encourage new students to take classes.

A new Lindy Hop Community section has been added to better address the peripheral interested that often come with being a Lindy Hopper – topics like vintage fashion, and an updated music section where we will feature and promote our favourite local Toronto jazz artists.

We would like to send a great big and loud THANK YOU to Justin Blayney – the steadfast web developer who helping bring this new site to life. Thank you Justin for all your hard work and dedication! This wouldn’t have been possible without your tireless efforts and expertise.

Thanks also to Dave Tom who contributed the great photos featured on the new homepage.


We hope you enjoy the new TLH website and that it serves the community well.


Yours in Lindy love,


Chelsea and the whole TLH Board.