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Our lindy hopping friends in Rochester, NY have set up a website called “Vintage Jazz Art” that sells artwork from the swing and jazz era. They have some great prints and photos on sale and the best part is a portion of all sales go towards the Lindy Hoppers Fund of America.  Details on “Vintage Jazz Art” from their website:

The Vintage Jazz Art store is dedicated to Jazz Fans, Vernacular Jazz Dancers, and Harlem Renaissance Aficionados with an appreciation for the beautiful artwork created in the Jazz Age and the Swing Era. Our mission is to seek the rights to reproduce these works of art so that they and their artists may be remembered and revered as an important part of the early 20th Century.  Research and tracking down the original works is a large part of the process.  After we secure rights to reproduce a work, much effort is put into restoring the artwork and determining the best printing methods so that the reproductions of these long forgotten works will have the finest possible colors and detail.  Now you can own your own beautiful reproductions of these iconic images.

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