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Over the last little year or so you have started to see some major changes happening with Toronto Lindy Hop; new logo, new mission statement, renewed presence in the Toronto scene and an equally renewed presense online. However with all of this going on you might be scratching your head and asking “Who exactly is part of Toronto Lindy Hop?”

Over a few blog posts, we (TLH) plan to fill you on exactly WHO we are with a brief bio of each of our team members.

Lets start with Brian Gottheil our President

Brian has been lindy hopping for more than a decade and has a passion for spreading the joy of the dance. Brian co-founded and served as the first President of the University of Toronto Swing Dance Club, one of Toronto’s most successful swing dance organizations. He then served Toronto Lindy Hop as Treasurer before moving to Ottawa, where he studied dancing and scene-building with Swing Dynamite. Brian is thrilled to be back home in Toronto with the opportunity to lead Toronto Lindy Hop in its mandate to enrich Toronto’s dance experience.

Heather Armstrong

Heather is the Chair of Toronto Lindy Hop. She has been dancing for nearly 5 years, and helping organizes dances for nearly that long. Ask her to dance!

Liz Gruening Hay-Social Media, History & Fashion

I’m a marketing coordinator by day and vintage shopping, lindy hopping (5 years dancing), Rockabilly, all things 1940/50’s lover by night. When I’m at a dance I’m usually dressed up in some sort of era appropriate outfit as I find that this just brings an extra something  to the night (plus dressing up is fun!).  I also just recently started a blog on all things mid-century vintage ( to be able to share my passion with others.


Jessica Cole-Head of Marketing

A fresh import from Ottawa, Jessica is TLH’s newest board member and Head of Marketing.  She started dancing at the University of Ottawa, joined their exec 2 weeks later, fell head-over-heels, and has been dancing ever since. In 6 years of dance she has been on 7 different dance teams, competed, taught, and performed with Swing Dynamite, and helped run Swing UO  for three years. When she’s not heels-over-head doing air-steps Jessica  enjoys other oddball activities like aerial silks, knitting, and smiling like a lunatic.

Sue Shadoff-Dance Ambassadors

Sue’s love for swing dancing started in April 2009. She attended a lesson and dance at Dovercourt House, and has been a regular there ever since. Lindy Hop is her favourite dancing style, but she also enjoys dancing Balboa and Rock ‘n Roll. She has been known to attend Rockabilly events and even perform in a few Rock ‘n Roll choreos.

While often clad in a red Dance Ambassador shirt, she also goes dancing in one of her many vintage-inspired dresses. She has quite the collection these days, 55 and counting!

When not at Dovercourt, this avid amateur photographer is traveling the world, camera in one hand, and dance shoes at the ready!

Stephanie Taylor-Education Director
For thirteen years Stephanie Taylor (neé McKernan) ( has involved herself in the Lindy hop universe by dancing, teaching, performing, competing, djing, choreographing, judging, and running awesome events.
She started dancing in Vancouver and for eight years played a pivotal role growing and developing its Lindy hop scene. Her dancing prowess earned her a reputation as an excellent teacher, an exciting performer, and a winning competitor. Her organizational prowess made her invaluable to Lindy Exchanges, weekly swing nights, workshop weekends, an award-winning performance team and Herräng Dance Camp ( She founded, and continues to run, Lindy Bout (
She has been a part of Toronto’s Lindy hop scene since 2008. Currently the Education Director of Toronto Lindy Hop, Stephanie works with awesome people to produce awesome workshops with awesome instructors.


Here is the first round of TLH members, click here for our second blog post on the remaining TLH members