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Have a question? Here is a handy FAQ post to help you with whatever you want to know about “Toronto World Lindy Hop Weekend May 22nd-24th”.

Note: Purchase Weekend & Dance Passes HERE.

The Special Guests:

Q. Who is coming to Teach & Give a Talk at Toronto World Lindy Hop Weekend?

A. Dawn Hampton, Chazz Young & Sylvia Sykes.

  • Dawn Hampton:
    • Although Dawn Hampton claims Dawn claims to be a dancer, just not a lindy hopper, her wise words and theatrical presence have been an inspiration to many who are. Dawn appeared with Frankie Manning as a dancer in Spike Lee’s Film, “Malcolm X.” These days, when not an honoured guest at swing and Lindy Hop events around the world, Dawn can be found in New York City dancing and listening to some of the best swing bands around.
  • Chazz Young:
    • Chazz Young, a spectacular dancer with a long and successful stage career, was first inspired by his father, Lindy Hop master Frankie Manning. Today he tours worldwide, spreading the gospel of Lindy Hop and Tap. In addition to his work as a choreographer and performer, he teaches Lindy Hop in his home town of Las Vegas to the most important dancers of today: the young people who are just now learning to partner dance.
  • Sylvia Sykes:
    • Sylvia Sykes began dancing in 1966, competing in 1970, and teaching in 1979. She has studied with many of the dance greats, including Frankie Manning, Dean Collins, Maxie Dorf, and Willie Desatoff – and is a master at practically every form of swing dancing including Lindy Hop, Balboa and Shag.


Q. There is much buzz about the Historical Panel Talk on Sunday. What exactly is this and when?

A. Sunday morning (May 24th) will be a Fun Panel Discussion with Dawn Hampton, Chazz Young & Sylvia Sykes and also a Historical Retrospective by Rochester’s Mike Thibault on the last day of our Toronto World Lindy Hop Weekend.

Dawn has years of Cabaret experience and is known for amazing musicality, Chazz is the son of Frankie Manning and a dancing sensation (so you know he will have stories), Sylvia is an internationally recognized authority on most types of Swing Dance, has been teaching for 25 years and lastly Mike is known for his knowledge on Swing History. Enrich your dancing BEYOND the physical side by attending this talk.

The Talk is at the Dovercourt House (805 Dovercourt Rd), 11:00am-2:30pm (coffee from Starbucks will be supplied).


Q. How much is “At the Door Pricing” for the talk?

A. $30 (includes Panel Discussion, afternoon dance and the after party). Space Permitting.


The Classes:

Q. Where are the Classes?

A. Dovercourt House (805 Dovercourt Rd-West of Ossington subway station, North of Bloor.)


Q. I’m pretty new to Lindy Hop can I sign up for the Workshops?

A. Yuppers! We are running 2 tracks:

  • New Dancer: Knowledge of “Frankie’s Lindy Hop Basics” including the Swing Out From Closed, Swing Out and Lindy Circle. Solo Vintage Jazz steps are still new and something to be explored in greater depth.
  • Experienced: The Experienced Track will have a large focus on Solo Jazz Steps. At this level, proficiency with Authentic Jazz Steps should include Boogie Forward/Back/Drops, Fall Off The Log, Shorty George, Suzy Q and you should be confident picking up new solo moves. At this level, you’re also an experienced social dancer with knowledge of basic Lindy Hop 8 Counts, 6 Counts, Charleston and Tandem Charleston. Most of the dancers in this track will have been dancing for several years and have attended workshops and learned from international teachers.


Q. What is the Workshop Schedule?

A. You can find the Schedule HERE.


Q. I have heard that there is an Exclusive Balboa Technique class with Sylvia Sykes. Can I sign up?

A. Yes but it’s extra on top of the Weekend pass. Cost: $25. Register HERE.


Q. Can we do drop in for individual classes?

A. Yes. Drop in Prices are: $25/class (Space Pending)


Q. Are Workshop/Weekend or Dance Passes still available & How much?


  • Full Workshop/Weekend Pass is $150
  • Dance Pass is $75 and includes the Historical Talk on Sunday
  • Buy Passes HERE


The Dances:

Q. When are the Dances?

A.  Schedule

  • May 22nd-Friday Night “Happy Birthday Frankie” with “Roberta Hunt & the Gents: FB Invite
  • May 23rd-Saturday Night Double Decker Extravaganza “Dawn Hampton Ball” with 14 Piece Big Band “Martin Loomer & the Orange Devils”: FB Invite
    • Late Night DJ’d Blues (Saturday May 23rd): FB Invite
  • May 24th-Sunday Panel Talk & Afternoon Dance with “Patrick Tevlin Swing”: FB Invite
    • Sunday Evening After-Party (DJ’d): FB Invite


Q. Where are all the Dances being held?

A. Dovercourt House-(805 Dovercourt Rd-West of Ossington subway station, North of Bloor)

Note: Sunday’s After-Party is being held at Yauca’s Lounge (755 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6H
(1 block south of the Dovercourt House)


Q. Who are the Bands that are playing for TOWLHD?

A. Full Blog Post on the Bands HERE

  • Friday Night Band: Roberta Hunt & the Gents
  • Saturday Night Band: Martin Loomer & the Orange devils (14 Piece Big Band)
  • Sunday Afternoon Band: Patrick Tevlin
  • Late Night Blues & Sunday Evening After-party are DJ’d


Q. What is the Schedule for the dances?

 A. Schedule is as follows: (Website Schedule HERE)

Friday Night: Happy Birthday Frankie!

6:45pm – Doors Open (Dovercourt House)
7 pm – Additional Class Balboa technique with Sylvia Sykes ($25)
8 pm – Shim Sham Lesson
9 pm – Opening Dance with Bertie and the Gents!
1 am – Wrap up

Saturday Night: Dawn Hampton Ball (Dress to Impress)!

6:45pm – Doors Open (Dovercourt House)
7pm – Beginner Charleston Lesson
8pm – Beginner Swing Lesson
9pm – Double Decker Extravaganza Swing Night, Bake Sale, Silent Auction and Photo Booth with the 14 Piece Big Band “Martin Loomer”
12:00am – Late Night DJ’ed Dance in collaboration with Toronto Blues Dance

Sunday-A Historical Retrospective

10:30 am – Doors open
11:00 am – Panel Discussion with Dawn Hampton, Chazz Young, and Sylvia Sykes
12:00 pm – Q&A Session
12:30 pm – Lunch break
1:30 pm – Historical retrospective with Mike Thibault

Afternoon Dance
Location Dovercourt
2:30 pm – Dance with music by Patrick Tevlin
5:30 pm – Wrap up

After Party-Imperial Pub (54 Dundas St. East)
9pm Till 12:30am


Q. How much are AT THE DOOR TICKETS for the dances?

A. At the door pricing is as follows (Cash Only at the Door):

  • Friday Night: $20
  • Saturday Night: $35
  • Late Night Blues on Saturday Night: $10
  • Sunday Talk, Afternoon Dance & After Party: $30
  • Sunday evening After-Party at the Imperial: $5


Q. I don’t dance can I still come to the dances?

A. OF COURSE! All are welcome to enjoy the music, watching the dancing and have fun. IF you are interested though on Saturday Night of the Dawn Hampton Ball there are 2 beginner lessons. 7pm Charleston Class, 8pm Lindy Hop. Come and try and then hit the dance floor! The lessons are included in the price at the door.


Q. How are we to dress for the Dances?

A. Dress however you like, but if you are looking for a theme then Friday night is casual and Saturday night is “Dress to Impress as Dawn would, in sequins and anything glittery“.


Silent Auction:

Q. What are up for grabs during the Silent Auction? And how do I Pay for my wins?

A. All Answers can be found HERE.

Q. What is happening with the money Toronto Lindy Hop Raises during the Silent Auction?

A. Proceeds going to fund local Toronto Lindy Hop initiatives and with a portion going to support the Frankie Manning Foundation!


Q. How do I get to the Dovercourt?

A. Dovercourt House: 805 Dovercourt Rd (1 block North of Bloor St. West)

  • By Public Transportation: From Ossington Subway Station, take the Delaware exit (from the underground level), then walk 1 block North to Northumberland St., 1 block West to Dovercourt Rd. Turn North and the building is adjacent the Salvation Army Parking Lot (East side of Dovercourt).
  • Driving (Parking): There is Street Parking and Paid parking lots all around the Dovercourt. Please Note (VERY IMPORTANT)! You can only park ON the street till MIDNIGHT then you could possibly get a ticket (they tend to ticket so don’t say I did not warn you). If possible find a “Green P” city run parking lot and park there and walk.
Dovercourt House

Dovercourt House



Lastly…This is not a Question but a reminder….PRACTICE THAT FLOORCRAFT while out on the dance floor. It’s going to be a busy weekend and we need to ensure that everyone is having a good & safe time on the dance floor. Need is a great Graphic that will help.

ALSO..Support the Bar at the Dovercourt & Imperial. Water, Pop and Alcoholic Beverages can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Lindy Hop Etiquette


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