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If you follow Toronto Lindy Hop on Facebook you may have noticed some familiar faces (or not so familiar) popping up in interview videos lately, talking about Frankie Manning or Lindy Hop in Toronto. In the spirit of World Lindy Hop Day, and Frankie Manning’s birthday, we wanted to give Toronto dancers an opportunity to share their stories while raising awareness for World Lindy Hop Day, a global celebration that aims to spread the spirit of Frankie Manning.

Frankie Manning

The series will showcase the wide variety of Toronto dancers and their experiences. Those who knew Frankie might share a memory or bit of lore about Lindy Hop’s Ambassador, while others might share their favourite memory or their feelings about the Toronto Lindy Hop community.

Toronto’s World Lindy Hop Day celebration will be happening May 22-24, 2015, to coincide with the anniversary of Frankie’s birthday, May 26th. Video from this series will be released in the lead up to the event (Passes still available..HERE).

 Videos Uploaded Right Now:

Currently we have memories from Toronto Dancers Shannon, Arthur, Miranda and Jasper, Liz and Arthur Part 2, Kris and Phil but keep checking back for more on our Youtube channel OR on our Facebook Invite for the most up to date postings.

You Can Take Part!

Current dancers, as well as dancers who we may not have seen in awhile, are invited to share their memories of Frankie Manning or of Lindy Hop in Toronto. You can upload your own video and we will share it on the TLH Facebook page, or if you would like to be interviewed by TLH, just send us an email at and we’ll be glad to record and share your thoughts and memories with the community.